Softened water for a limited period

If you are in need of a softening plant for a shorter or longer period, for instance for 

  • Filling up accumulation tanks
  • Filling up the piping at heat and power plants
  • Temporary water supply in connection with renovation of existing plants
  • Water for pilot projects

we can fulfill your need with a EUROWATER rental plant.

Softened water

Through softening, the content of calcium and manganese salts in the raw water is exchanged with the corresponding sodium salts which do not cause the inconveniences characterizing hard water. The treated water has a hardness of less than 0.5 °dH.

Plant description

The plant is built on a strong transport skid mounted with internal piping and wiring which make the plant easy to connect. The system is automatically controlled according to the water consumption. 

The control panel of the plant is pre-set according to the stated parametres or on the basis of a water analysis. In this way, the operation of the plant meets your needs and you do not have to make the setting of the panel before the plant starts producing softened water.

The EUROWATER program of rental plants is broad and not all plants are identical with the ones shown here. We draw attention to the data sheet which you will receive upon your enquiry. 


Please contact us for more information.


Softening plant seen from the front. All piping and wiring are mounted and the plant is ready for use.


The plant seen from behind. The piping is made in electroplated steel and is very robust.


Strong transport skid with lifting lug for crane.


Control panel with a simple menu structure. The panel is set before shipment according to water analysis and knowledge of water need.


The plant has a flow rate of up to 30 m³/h. In the picture is a close-up photo of the flange connections and regulating valve.

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