Rental plants - ready for use

Are you in need of softened, demineralized, or bacteria-free water for a limited period of time? EUROWATER offers a wide range of water treatment plants for rental to customers who need water treatment temporarily.  

The plants are ready for use!

If you need water treatment right now, our plants are ready for shipment. All plants are designed so that they can quickly be connected on site after arrival. 


Please contact us for furter information and for reservation of plants.


Frame-mounted softening plants

Flow rate: Up to 30 m³/h.

Complete softening plant mounted on a practical transportation skid. Ready for use!


Compact demineralization plant with pretreatment

Flow rate: Up to 2 m³/h.

Frame-mounted unit consisting of a reverse osmosis plant with mechanical filter and a softening plant as pretreatment as well as a separate unit consisting of tank and pump.

Water quality: Demineralized water typically < 10 μS/cm.


Demineralization plant in container

Flow rate: Up to 15 m³/h.

Complete water treatment plant consisting of a reverse osmosis plant with mechanical filter and a softening plant as pretreatment. Water quality: Demineralized water with a conductivity of 10-20 μS/cm.


Problems with bacteria?

Flow rate: 5-150 m³/h.

A periodic, bacteriological contamination calls for an active and quick intervention. As a temporary solution, we offer rental of UV plants for disinfection of water. Applications: Water supplies/waterworks, food and beverage industry, process water for other types of industrial application. 

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